Detailing Services

One Detailing is a team from a diverse range of backgrounds that can deliver an array of detailing services. 

We offer a high quality, efficient and timely services to suit your building needs.

The projects we work on range from small residential developments to large commercial buildings, shopping centres and apartments, working direct for the manufacturer, builders and clients.

As one of the market leaders in concrete precast panel detailing, our services include:

  • Precast wall detailing
  • Precast column detailing
  • Precast beam detailing
  • Tilt-up panel detailing
  • Insulated panel shop detailing
  • Prefabricated concrete floor & lid detailing
  • Prefabricated concrete core wall detailing
  • Marking plans and dowel plans to suit element installation
  • Elevations of precast elements
  • Structural detailing of steel work fitments, plates, loose brackets
  • Quantity schedules of fitments and materials

Structural Insulated Panel detailing services include:

  • metal skin panels
  • timber skin panels
  • variety of shapes and sizes

By offering improved details and systems and excellent co-ordination skills, One detailing assisted our team to save money, contributing to the efficient production and installation of concrete panels.....

Glen O'Connor
Project Manager, John Holland

Structural Steel detailing services

We also offer 3D modelling and Building Information Modelling (BIM) capabilities to suit your project needs.

If you have a project that requires shop detailing please contact us for a quote.